How to look after Coils?

How To Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Coils

How To Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Coils

Changing the coils of your e-cigarette device can be a bit of a bother. Sometimes fiddly, sometimes messy, the process of coil changing is unfortunately a necessary evil in maintaining the very best performance of your vaping setup and the best flavour payoff of your e-liquids 

Although coils aren’t capable of lasting forever, there are a number of steps you can take to prolong their overall lifespan. Read on to learn the about the various time and money-saving methods which could make all the difference to the longevity of your vape coils.    

Sweet E-Liquids

Sweet e-liquids especially high VG sub ohm e-liquids – contain added sweeteners to give them their succulent flavour profiles and long-lasting aftertaste. However, super-sweet e-liquids are renowned for the extra strain they put on vape coils, causing them to clog up and age more quickly. If you’re a heavy vaper of sweet e-juices and you notice the frequent need to change your coil, try swapping your liquid for a slightly milder alternative such as a fruit or menthol flavour.

Similarly, coloured e-liquids could also contribute to the premature aging of your coils in much the same way as overly-sweet or thick e-liquids. We recommend opting for clear e-liquids where possible, as they are far kinder to your coils and less likely to clog up over time.   

Dry Burning Coils

The act of ‘dry burning’ your coils involves holding down the firing or power button of your e-cigarette device without inhaling on the mouthpiece in order to burn off any e-liquid residue on the coil. Although this helps to improve the flavour of your e-liquid as something of a quick fix, it can in fact cause your coils to age more rapidly by putting added stress on the coil and compromising its structure. Rather than dry burning your coils, try removing them and rinsing under running water for a few minutes before thoroughly drying them with a piece of cloth and blowing on the open end to remove any trapped e-liquid.   

You should also be sure to keep your tank or clearomizer sufficiently topped-up with e-liquid and avoid letting your e-liquid fall below the refill line, as this can also cause your device to dry burn. 

Chain Vaping

Although it can be tempting to vape a particularly delicious e-liquid very often or with deep inhalations, this can also play a part in causing your coils to deteriorate more quickly than usual. Rather than ‘chain vaping’ (inhaling continuously without taking a break between puffs), make sure you leave around 30-seconds between each vape to allow the coil to cool down and sufficiently recover in order to achieve the longest possible performance. 


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Wattage Settings

If your vape kit is set to a particularly high wattage, perhaps to achieve big clouds or intense flavour payoff, you might have noticed that your coils are clocking out much faster than you’d like. Try lowering the wattage / power settings of your e-cigarette and make sure not to exceed the suggested wattage range of your particular device. 

Priming Your Coils

A very important step in prolonging the lifespan of your coils is to ensure you prime them sufficiently before use. To do this, simply saturate the wicking material in e-liquid before inserting them into the tank or clearomizer. Fill you tank with e-liquid as normal and leave to sit for at least 5-minutes before vaping. You can also inhale on the mouthpiece a few times without pressing the power / firing button in order to ensure the wicking material is thoroughly soaked in e-liquid.  

Nicotine Strength

We also recommend using an e-liquid with the correct nicotine strength for your particular needs. If you’re vaping an e-liquid which isn’t satisfying your nicotine cravings, it could lead you to vape far more of the e-liquid than necessary. This excessive use will cause your coils to degrade much faster than usual, so if you feel your current e-liquid isn’t meeting your particular requirements, try moving up to a higher strength.